Culture Change is a Clinical Skill, Too


Imagination is the highest form of research.

-Albert Einstein

by Heather Jeng

At SLPs in the SNF, we’re always pretty excited about research, and reading other people’s Research Tuesday blogs, and (when we don’t procrastinate too much!) writing our own Research Tuesday blogs. But today we are super-excited. This article is amazing, and we think all y’all need to read it just so we have people to talk to about it with!

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Ethics, Fraud, and Perception of the Value of SLP Services

By Heather Jeng

Lately, it seems like litigation against skilled nursing/long-term care therapy providers is becoming more frequent. See, for example, this recent story about the DoJ pursuing a case against ManorCare (owned by The Carlyle Group) for allegedly providing medically unnecessary therapy. As therapists, we might ask, “How could the company itself provide medically unnecessary therapy? Each plan of care was generated and signed by a skilled, licensed therapist.” Continue reading