“Feeling Fulfilled as a Therapist”: Starting the CFY in Skilled Nursing

seattle_new_beginningsby Sara Savaglio & Heather Jeng

A warm welcome to our new co-blogger, Sara S.! Our first non-Case Western alum to join SLPs in the SNF, Sara is celebrating some major SLP career milestones this year. She graduated from the University of Washington this summer, and is starting her Clinical Fellowship Year in skilled nursing/long-term care near Olympia, WA. (Check out the rest of her bio.) We chatted with her about why she chose speech-language pathology as a career, and what drew her to the SNF setting.

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Dementia & Spousal Caregiver Health


by Heather Jeng

Earlier this month, I had a long conversation with a client’s wife. She was struggling with guilt and sadness about having moved her husband into long-term care after his needs became too great for her to manage at home. At the same time, though, she admitted that she felt “healthier than I have in years.” It makes intuitive sense that caregiver burden, especially for elderly caregivers, affects one’s own health. But I wondered about the specifics of how this plays out. So for Research Tuesday this month, I did some digging about the health impact of being a spousal caregiver to a person with dementia.

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Introductions & Venturing Into Blogging…

We’re a trio of speech-language pathologists (Case Western alums, all!) in the SNF setting. We came to the realization that we all rely on social media for multiple professional purposes: finding out about new treatment approaches, hearing about continuing ed opportunities, seeking and giving clinical advice, puzzling over the nuts and bolts of applying research findings to clinical practice, and laughs, venting, and support. In short, community!  Continue reading