Skilled Nursing & Long-Term Care Sessions at #ASHA15


By Heather Jeng

The 2015 ASHA Convention has sessions devoted specifically to the skilled nursing/long-term care setting! Of course, there are many, many other relevant courses in tracks such as Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders, Motor Speech Disorders, Language Disorders, etc. However, if you want to direct some of your professional development to setting-specific issues, you’ll want to check out the following courses. The information below has been copied from the Program Planner.

Thriving in Skilled Nursing: Guidance for Clinical Fellows & Clinicians Transitioning Into Long-Term Care
Session Code: 1313
Day: Friday, November 13, 2015
Time: 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Presenters:  Renee Kinder, Natalie Lee, Allison McGinty
Abstract: Providing speech therapy services in skilled nursing facilities can be a daunting and rewarding experience. This session will describe roles of key interdisciplinary team members, discuss medical complexities affecting clinical decision making, describe methods for identifying resident change and provide regulatory guidance for “skilled care” by a speech-language pathologist.

Thriving in Skilled Nursing: Can I Skill for That?
Session Code: 1406
Day: Friday, November 13, 2015
Time: 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Presenter: Renee Kinder
Abstract: Navigating skilled versus unskilled needs for Medicare beneficiaries can be a challenging task. This course will provide guidance for clinical decision making by exploration of the Medicare Benefit Policy Manual; provide case based real world studies; and describe best practices for documenting the unique skills of an SLP.

And we’re very excited that one of our own will be co-presenting on a topic near and dear to our hearts…

Navigating the Skilled Nursing Facility Terrain: Practical Tools for Best Practice Implementation
Session Code: 1802
Day: Saturday, November 14, 2015
Time: 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Presenters: Heather Jeng, Natalie Douglas, Ellen Hickey
Abstract: The clinical environment of a skilled nursing facility presents many rewards and challenges to practicing clinicians. In this session, participants will be introduced to strategies to promote positive organizational culture and climate change. Participants will also explore a model for best practice decision-making through case examples.

SNF SLPs, what other sessions are you planning to attend?

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